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How To Handle Your Electrical Repairs 

Electricity can be hard to handle and shouldn’t be done with someone inexperienced. Do-it-yourself solutions won’t cut it. You need a certified electrician with the confidence and essential knowledge to ensure that your repairs work out safely. You can count on Blue Moon electricians for all your repair needs. If you’re having second thoughts if you need electrical repairs, keep a lookout for these signs that could indicate you need electrical repairs:

  • Appliances heating unnaturally. It’s normal for appliances and electronics to slightly warm during usage, but if you notice any equipment getting warmer than usual, or even hot to the touch, there may be a problem in your wiring or connection.
  • Frequent flickering lights. Lights don’t normally flicker unless it’s a disco ball. So if you notice a frequent flicker to your lighting fixture or in your appliances, there’s a possible issue with your electrical wiring, circuit breaker, fixtures, or appliance.
  • Arc faults. Electrical outlets that spark when you plug in a device or equipment, it is a sure sign of trouble in your outlets which needs to be addressed immediately.
  • Burning or charring smells. If you notice any peculiar smell of burning rubber coming from your electrical panel, turn off the power on your home and contact a professional right away. A burned wire or electrical is a serious issue and should be dealt with carefully by an experienced electrician.

Electrical Services That You Can Trust

We strive to provide only the best quality products for electrical repairs, installations, or replacements in your home. You can trust Blue Moon Electrical to deliver the quality results you want. All of our electrical services are guaranteed to deliver the best results for you. We employ only the finest, licensed, and seasoned electricians to provide our customers with electrical services, not only with talent and expertise but with honor, fairness, and respect as well! Choose the electrical service you can trust with Blue Moon Electrical today.

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When looking for an electrician that you can trust, rest assured that Blue Moon Electrical will tend to all your electrical needs. With a team of dependable, experienced, and knowledgeable electricians, you can expect outstanding service across the board. Our licensed electricians are one of the leading professionals in the industry when it comes to technical knowledge and training. We guarantee to get the attention and expertise you need in your electricals.

Whether you need repairs, installations, or maintenance on your electrical system and fixtures, Blue Moon Electrical can deliver! We got dedicated employees who strive to provide electrical services that homeowners and business owners can trust. We assure you that we deliver top quality results in both products and services to ensure your electrical projects are done with the utmost expertise and professionalism.


Alexander G.

It was Blue Moon Electrical that I hired yesterday for my electrical panel problems. They forwarded me a brilliant, friendly, and masterful electrician who works remarkably in handling the electrical project I requested. It was him that finished the task right on time and managed to restore everything to normal in a snap. The service I had from them was indeed fantastic, and I’m happy that I was able to find them just in time. A masterful electrical work indeed! Thank you so much, everyone!

Anna K.

I thanked Blue Moon Electrical for sending one of their fully qualified and licensed electricians to help me with my electrical problems a week ago. I was so impressed when he finished the job at the exact scheduled time. I can say that he was trained by his heads excellently to become more competent in the field. For me, you are one of the most leading electrical service companies here in our region. You expect me to use your electrical services again and again. Cheers for the excellent work of your electrician, guys! I highly recommended your services to all of my friends!

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