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EV Charging Station Installation

Electric Vehicle Charger Installation Services 

If you own an electric vehicle and you would like the convenience and safety offered by an EV home charging station, talk to the electrical experts at Blue Moon Electrical. We offer a selection of the most advanced and fully-featured charging systems for your EV and provide professional and excellent residential electric vehicle installation and service. We provide only the safest and most reliable electric car charging station installations in the country.

Charge Your Electric Vehicles Any Time You Want

There is a smart way to keep your electric vehicle charged at home. Let the Blue Moon Electrical team of professional electricians set you up with a fast electric car charger right anytime you need it the most.

Why Trust Blue Moon Electrical?

When you decide to have a charger installed in your garage or parking space, here’s what you can expect from our team:

  • Full inspection of all equipment before the installation process.
  • Site inspection to ensure equipment is installed by the manufacturer’s specifications.
  • Electrical system upgrade and wiring to support the quicker-charging charger.
  • Your licensed electrician from our team will install your equipment to meet and follow the national permits and code requirements.
  • Our electrician will perform tests to verify if the equipment is functioning properly.
  • We will help you understand the features of the equipment, the correct usage, its limitations, its maintenance needs, and the charger’s warranty terms.

Blue Moon Electrical has completed thousands of EV charger installations to date. We offer a selection of product solutions, including EVSE charging stations and circuit protection equipment that involves every part of the electric vehicle installation process.

Ready to get an estimate or book your charger installation for your electric vehicle? Call Blue Moon Electrical today!


Alexander G.

It was Blue Moon Electrical that I hired yesterday for my electrical panel problems. They forwarded me a brilliant, friendly, and masterful electrician who works remarkably in handling the electrical project I requested. It was him that finished the task right on time and managed to restore everything to normal in a snap. The service I had from them was indeed fantastic, and I’m happy that I was able to find them just in time. A masterful electrical work indeed! Thank you so much, everyone!

Anna K.

I thanked Blue Moon Electrical for sending one of their fully qualified and licensed electricians to help me with my electrical problems a week ago. I was so impressed when he finished the job at the exact scheduled time. I can say that he was trained by his heads excellently to become more competent in the field. For me, you are one of the most leading electrical service companies here in our region. You expect me to use your electrical services again and again. Cheers for the excellent work of your electrician, guys! I highly recommended your services to all of my friends!

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