A Checklist for Your Electrical Safety and Convenience

If your home got renovated, remodeled, or if you want to make sure your home is safe, Blue Moon Electrical recommends having a licensed electrician perform an electrical inspection. You can do a simple checkup in your electrical system, but it’s better to consult a seasoned electrician to ensure the safety and convenience of your household.

Here is some checklist that you should look out for when inspecting your electrical system on your own:

  • Check Power Sources. A responsible homeowner should regularly inspect their light switches, electrical cords, and outlets. Any fault in your electricals will cause some problems with the devices connected to it and a fire hazard that needs addressing immediately. If you hear odd noises in your electricals or heating in your fixtures, call a certified electrician immediately.
  • Replace Older Wiring. Older homes tend to have wires that aren’t up to code and are at risk of electrical problems. With modern improvements in technology and materials, there are better, more efficient wires available that are safer. Replace outdated electrical wiring to improve the safety of your home and even increase your home’s resale value.
  • Outlet Inspection on Wet Areas. When you have outlets in your bathroom or kitchen, it is important to have GFCI (Ground-Fault Circuit Interrupter) installed. Light switches and other electricals should also be located at a safe distance from any sources of water.
  • Examine the Electrical Panel. Usually located in the basement or garage, the electrical panel contains circuit breakers or fuses. Having an electrician check them for wear and tear, damages, and faults ensure that your electrical system is working reliably. If your panel has outdated fuses, hire a licensed technician to replace them with modern circuit breakers. If your panel had corroded or suffered from damages, get them completely replaced.

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Anna K.

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